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The time of game for iPhone and Android finally available to us. 
But before you get to hunt, read here

Pokemon go hack, the game that is sweeping the world, is available from July 15 in Italy . A wait of two weeks compared to the release in Australia, New Zealand and the United States: not too much, in the end, for hardcore fans of monsters Nintendo.

The application is available for free on the Apple Store and Play Store Google. So you do a clean sweep of unofficial versions, packed with viruses, and download the app Niantic, cleaned up by a series of problems occurred in recent days. Eye, however, not to fall into deception: there is another app, at the moment at the top of Apple's charts, which uses the "Pokémon sounding" but with the little animals by Satoshi Tajiri has nothing to do. It does not seem dangerous, but will make you lose time.

For those who were entering just now in the world Pokemon Go hack, that's five tips and tricks to start without fear . And quickly become a coach slap. The basic ones are a nice power bank , because the augmented reality and GPS localizationsuck a lot of battery, and the maximum amount of attention when you turn on the street.
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Pokémon Go Cheats: Top 10 Tips, Hacks And Tricks In 2019

Run over by a car today.

1. Getting Started
Getting started is easy. Just log on with the ' Google Account(or one of the Pokémon Trainer Club), follow the Professor Willow tutorial, their guide, choose and customize your avatar and become familiar with the first three starter that we will find around our character once launched the game.

2. Pikachu between starter
When choosing between the three monsters starter, Squirtle (type of water), Charmander (fire) or Bulbasaur, move away a bit 'with your character (according to some sources it must be done several times). Magically appear fourth starter. He, the beloved Pikachu.

3. How to catch Pokémon with pokemon go hack
There are a number of ways. Turning at random , that is practical, given that the game is linked to maps andaugmented reality : walking, if the application is open,sounds and vibrations will notify you of the proximity of an animal . Then minding grass movements in the map , report that a creature has just gone from there. Or again by opening the panel on the bottom right cognizance that will give you the distance of the various Pokémon area with one, two or three imprints . Correspond respectively to 20 and 100 meters and one kilometer. You can also resort to tricks like ' aroma or the bait form . But eye, since its effect is public anyone has used it to attract players and rob them. 

4. The launch of the Poké Ball
Besides it spinning, the Poké Ball - they are found in the Poke Stop - to be launched when the circles that appear on the wild creature shrink . But even when they change color : shoot the ball when they become red or green.
5. Not all Pokémon are equal
If you find different creatures and different genre you will needto trek more than a little . Because, for example, to hatch the eggs in incubators (also all of these items you find in the Poke Stop, or you can buy with Pokémonete), apply only walking and cycling. Pokémon can be of Water, Grass-type, flying, poison, ice, earth. You will find them close to their natural habitat . Including nocturnal.

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